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Search Engine Optimization

Is your website serving your purpose? Are your objectives being satisfied? Is your website visible in the search engines and generating the desired traffic? If you want your website to rank high in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, your website needs to be designed and developed keeping the SEO parameters in mind. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process by which your website can achieve higher position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

A higher rank ensures more visibility and more traffic and hence more business. Graphicsworld understands the SEO process and is capable of delivering you results as per your requirements. Right from the initial site analysis and server review, we help frame the overall strategy for your web marketing and promotion. Appropriate and necessary reports are periodically submitted to know the status of the rankings and the work that has been undertaken to give you a complete picture of what is happening.

Keyword Analysis and Research

For your website to attract the desired traffic and that too of the target profile, the content needs to have the right and relevant keywords. Necessary research for the most appropriate keywords for your industry vertical can help you decide on the keywords you choose for your website promotion depending on parameters like page competitiveness and cost. Whether yours is a new website or you want to redesign your existing website, Arham does a complete site analysis and suggests the best strategy so that searching visitors are directed to your website and you get a better sales conversion.

Site Architecture and Structure

A very important enabler for smooth website navigation is good architecture and structure. The easier it is for the users and search engines to browse your website, the better are the chances for a higher ranking. The purpose of a good structure is to make navigation easy and friendly. Having a well defined site map can really do wonders. Graphicsworld analyzes how the search engines find their way to the different pages and designs the most appropriate structure for your website.

On-page Optimization

Right from the word go, Graphicsworld starts with the On-Page Optimization. To get a head start, an altogether new and suitable domain name may have to be chosen, if this is an option. Planning the content with the appropriate keyword density, framing the content for the various page parameters like Page Title, Page Heading, Meta Keyword, Meta Description etc, to finalize on the overall content and On Page Strategy, we take care to initiate your web promotion in the right manner.

Apart from the On-Page optimization, appropriate Off-Page optimization efforts can be undertaken. Link Building is a very good way to establish your website's reputation. If the content and other information are found useful by other websites, they would redirect their visitors to your website through links. The more such inbound links are made the more your website gets a positive reputation. In addition to good content, submissions to relevant directories and presence in popular social network sites can shore up more traffic. You can also maintain Blogs and plan out sufficient Public Relations Events and Press Releases to publicize your website with coverage in the internet.

Web Analytics and Reporting

Once you have reached your target or are nearing your desired ranking and you are getting a place in the SERPs, you will need to measure and validate what you have done so far and whether there is room for improvement. Apart from monitoring the visitor traffic and getting an idea of their intent for visiting your website, you get an opportunity to further tweak your web promotion efforts. Graphicsworld creates appropriate web analytics processes and puts them in place to generate performance and status reports. You would be sent periodic updates and reports for stock taking.

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